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Implementation of Power Plant and Industrial Construction Projects
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Pskovenergomontazh (Pskov)

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This company was originally formed as one of the structural units of the Trest SZEM Co., to carry out construction activities in Pskov oblast. One of the first important projects the Pskovenergomontazh JSC was engaged in was Pskov HPP. From 1992 to 1997 the company ensured the commissioning of two 215MW power unit of the plant, When the financing of the third unit project was stopped the company escaped downtime undertaking a series of projects in Pskov and the North-Western region.
Since 1998 the company has completed works for the Velikiy Luki Electrical Porcelain Factory, Uglovo Lime Works,  Krasnaya Zarya Factory in Nevelsk, Borovichi Refractory Material Factory in Novgorod oblast, Pskov heating networks, Pskovoblenergo, Heating networks (Velikiye Luki), the administrations of several districts of the region, Leningrad branch of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, and pulp & paper and oil processing plants in Leningrad, Yaroslavl oblasts and the Republic of Komi.
The main activities of the company are as follows: 
  • manufacturing and installation of boiler plants and lifting gear, manufacturing and installation of steam boilers of all types, of steam and hot water pipelines of categories I-IV, pressurized vessels, process pipelines, metal structures and tanks;
  • repairing works at production and heating plants;
  • commissioning activities at plants governed by the Rostechnadzor, protection and safety systems;
  • construction works (foundation work, civil, erection);
  • electrical installation;
  • general contracting.

The company's production base located in Dedovichi viilage near Pskov, includes:

  • an office building – 380 m2
  • a garage for 8 cars with repair shops – 758 m2
  • a warehouse with a platform – 393 m2

The production base is equipped with facilities for cutting, grinding, welding, heat treatment, lifting gear, etc.

The company's staff is composed of about 100 engineers, technicians, installers, welders, electricians, etc.

DIRECTOR GENERAL Konstantin I. Korobeykin
Phone: +7 (81136) 9-39-06
Fax: +7 (81136) 9-31-96, 9-31-53
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