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Implementation of Power Plant and Industrial Construction Projects
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Trest SZEM a member of SoyzAtomProyekt

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29-12-2009   Trest SZEM a member of SoyzAtomProyekt

Following a meeting of the Council of the Self-regulating organization "R&P association of organizations performing architectural designing of nuclear industry facilities" held on December 18, 2009,  the Trest SZEM was admitted to the association and on December 28 obtained a certificate of authorization to perform designing activities for hazardous, safety-related, complicated, one-of-a-kind and other types of projects.

A series of competent organizations had previously become the members of the SoyuzAtomProyekt Association, including Institute Orgenergostroy JSC, Atomenergoproyekt PSC, SPbAEP JSC, NIAEP JSC, Atomtechenergo PSC, Atomenergoremont PSC, All-Russian nuclear power machine engineering R&D institute PSC, etc.

The main goal of the SoyuzAtomProyekt Association is to build a high-class self-regulating mechanism for implementation of large-scale nuclear power projects. 

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Home Page    News    Trest SZEM a member of SoyzAtomProyekt
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