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Trest SZEM QMS re-certificated

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18-12-2009   Trest SZEM QMS re-certificated

The Trest SZEM QMS has been re-certificated by the experts of the German certification body DVS ZERT e.V. The Company's quality management system has been found in conformity with EN ISO 9001:2008 «Quality Management Systems. Specifications» and the welding QMS in conformity with EN ISO 3834:2006 «Specifications for welding by metal smelting. Chapter 2. Comprehensive quality requirements».

Вручение сертификатов ISO

On December 18 Trest SZEM JSC, along with the Construction and Erection Division of SZEM JSC, Archangelsk Installation Division of SZEM JSC, Komienergomontazh JSC, Sevzapenergomontazh JSC, Leningrad Construction and Erection Division of SZEM JSC and Kaliningrad Installation Division of SZEM JSC were granted certificates of conformity with the above standards, which confirms the companies' competitive ablity and workmanship.

Besides, the Trest SZEM JSC is finishing introduction of an integrated management system covering QA and H&S management.  The availability of such a system proves that the company guarantees delivery of products and services meeting customers' demands and expectations while ensuring their satisfaction and safety.

Trest SZEM Quality service

Home Page    News    Trest SZEM QMS re-certificated
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