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New turbine unit inaugurated at Vasileostrovskaya HPP in St. Petersburg

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21-09-2009   New turbine unit inaugurated at Vasileostrovskaya HPP in St. Petersburg

Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller and St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko attended a solemn ceremony of putting into operation a new turbounit at St. Petersburg's Vasileostrovskaya HPP, having capacities of 50 mW and 100 gCal/h.

The new equipment is expected to boost the plant performance greatly. Moreover, with  the Vasileostrovskaya HPP feeding an isolated downtown Vasilyevsky Island with a population of 200 thousand, the project will improve the power supply system of the Russian megalopolis as a whole.

As Alexey Miller said after the ceremony, «Now the Gazprom Group is persistently implementing a large-scale program of the construction of new power capacities and the upgrade of the existing ones based on the state-of-the-art technology. Today Gazprom is the most effective investor in the Russian power industry and is going to evolve this business.  Only for TGK-1 we are going to put into service 1600 mW of new capacity  by 2013».

The Vasileostrovskaya plant's new turbine is the fourth new unit TGK-1 PSC has made operational in 2009. году. A lot of major St. Petersburg enterprises depend on the HPP supplies such as Baltiyskiy Zavod, the Sea port and Sevcabel Works. The new unit's capacity is enough to energize 5000 apartments or to heat more than a million square meters of housing.

Valentina Matviyenko said, «with Gazprom coming to St. Petersburg as a strategic partner the city has become warmer, lighter and more comfortable. The  boosting of the Vasileostrovskaya heat power plant capacity will allow us to undertake new power-intensive projects in St. Petersburg».

The Vasileostrovskaya  HPP is one of nine heat power plants owned by TGK-1 PSC in St. Petersburg. In service since October 1, 1932. The new equipment will increase the electrical capacity of the plant to 135 mW and the heating capacity to 1184 gCal/h. Mostly products made in Russia have been used at the project: a boiler unit with a steam capacity of 160 t/h made by Barnaul Plant, the turbine made by the Ural turbine plant, a generator made by Electrosila (affiliated with Siloviye Mashiny - Power Mashines). The new equipment is provided with up-to-date automated proces control systems increasing the unit performance, reliability and safety. E.g., startup operations at the new equipment take 2 times less time than at analogous units of the previous generation. Besides, much work has been completed on a power output scheme upgrade. Formerly only 35 kV lines were available for transferring the generated power to the network. After the upgrade 110 kV lines have been added. Thus, now the power can be supplied through two independent systems with different voltage classes.

Based on TGK-1 PSC press service's material, http://www.tgk-1.ru/press/news/2009/09/21/newsOfCompany_2135.html

Home Page    News    New turbine unit inaugurated at Vasileostrovskaya HPP in St. Petersburg
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