Tutayevskaya Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant

Tutayevskaya Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant with a capacity of 52 MW is being built under the regional target program Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement in the Yaroslavl Region, including the subprogram Increasing the Energy Efficiency of the Fuel and Energy Complex of the Yaroslavl Region Based on the Development of Cogeneration Energy. The construction project of the Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant is implemented by Yaroslavl Generation Company OJSC. For this purpose, on 11.04.2011, a 100% affiliated company Tutaevskaya Combined-Cycle Plant was established. Saturn-Gas Turbines OJSC is the General Contractor of the construction and the Supplier of gas turbines, St. Petersburg company NEVENERGOPROM-PLUS CJSC is the General Designer.

Trest SZEM  CJSC, under a contract with Saturn-Gas Turbines OJSC, performs a set of works on the installation of the main and auxiliary thermal and mechanical equipment of Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant. The main volume of construction and installation work at this facility is performed by SZEM Petersburg General Contracting Department CJSC.

Tutayevskaya Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant applies a binary cycle diagram with heating based on the use of gas turbine units with steam waste-heat boilers and condensation steam turbine plants with heat extraction of steam. The plant includes two power units with a single rated capacity of 26 MW. Each unit contains two GTA-8RM gas turbine units manufactured by Saturn-Gas Turbines OJSC, two KGT-20/4.0-440 steam waste-heat boilers manufactured by Energomash (Belgorod) - BZEM CJSC, one T-8/10-3.4/0.18 steam turbine plant of condensation type with heat extraction of steam manufactured by Kaluga Turbine Plant OJSC.

The Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant under construction is designed for loads of the utility sector of the city of Tutaev. The cycle arrangement of the 52 MW Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant is integrated into the cycle arrangement of the existing boiler house of Teploenergoset Municipal Unitary Enterprise of the city of Tutaev. The heat-generating equipment of the 52 MW Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant under construction will operate in the base mode, and the boiler house equipment will operate in the peak and standby modes. It is expected that the power plant will increase the efficiency of housing and public utilities in Tutaevsky district, as well as will stimulate attraction of investments in the public energy service sector. 2.5 billion rubles have already been attracted for the construction of the facility. When the combined-cycle plant is commissioned, the energy shortage of the Yaroslavl Region shall be reduced by 4.8%, the production of electricity shall be increase by 390 million kWh per year (5% of regional consumption). At the same time, a reserve of energy capacities will be created for the development of an industrial park at the existing site of the Tutaev Engine Plant.