Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC

Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC

Trest SZEM  CJSC, under an agreement with Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC, performs a complex of construction, installation, electrical and installation and commissioning works within the framework of the project for Construction of a Bark Boiler with a Steam Turbine of Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC.

Information about the functional purpose of the capital construction facility:

As part of the project, the largest multi-fuel boiler in Russia will be installed at the CHPP of Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC for co-combustion of bark waste and waste water mud with a capacity of 272 tonnes of steam per hour, supplied by the Finnish company Valmet Power Oy. Boiler units of this type are operating on innovative technology: fuel combustion occurs in a bubbling fluidized bed (HybexTM). Steam generated during the combustion of fuel in the boiler will flow to the 84 MW SST-600 steam turbine supplied by Siemens (Germany). Poyry Rus LLC, Russian subsidiary of the international consulting and engineering company Pöyry, is the General Planner at this facility (Saint-Petersburg).

Significance of the project: modernization of the CHPP is a strategically important step for both Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC and the city of Syktyvkar. Simultaneously with the solution of the problem of waste disposal including the increase in the environmental performance of the plant, the reliability of energy supply will also increase. And the work of the most complicated equipment and the annual production of more than a million tonnes of quality paper, cardboard and market pulp – products that are in great demand in Russia and abroad – depend on the uninterrupted operation of the combined heat and power plant. In addition, following the results of the project implementation, it will be possible not only to connect new domestic consumers to the power system, but also to give the generated electricity to the Komienergo system (a new switchgear with a transformer will be built to communicate with the power system). The steam produced by the plant can be used both for the technological needs of the enterprise and for heating the Ezhva district of Syktyvkar with a population of about 60 thousand people. In general, the project implementation will have a significant social and economic impact on the development of the economy of the Komi Republic, including by increasing tax deductions to the regional budget.