CustomerObject locationStart/End of Work
Stroytransgaz OJSC Saint-Petersburg2009/2011, 2014/2016

Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP is the most important project implemented in the framework of St. Petersburg energy development. Its commissioning fully compensates for the shortage of heat and electricity in the South-Western part of St. Petersburg, most promising part for residential construction, and increased the reliability of the energy system of the city as a whole.

The total design capacity of Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP is 570 MW of electric energy and 660 Gcal/h of thermal energy.

The first stage of construction, including a start-up complex with an electric capacity of 200 MW and a thermal capacity of up to 255 Gcal/h, was commissioned in December 2011.

The CHPP plant construction of the second stage, PGU-300 power unit No. 2 (electric capacity is 300 MW, thermal capacity is 215 Gcal/h), is currently underway. Commissioning date is the III quarter of 2015.

Construction of the first stage of the PGU-200 power unit

Since August 2009, Trest SZEM  CJSC, under a contract with Stroytransgaz OJSC, has performed a full set of heat and installation work on the first stage construction of Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP with an electric capacity of 200 MW and a thermal capacity of 255 Gcal/h.

The area of responsibility of Trest SZEM  CJSC included the installation of: two Ansaldo Energia turbines (Italy), SST-600 steam turbine by Siemens, two waste-heat boilers manufactured by Podolsk Machine-Building Plant, two water-heating boilers by Belgorod Plant, as well as other systems and equipment necessary for the operation of the CHPP. The total tonnage of the mounted equipment, pipelines and metal structures was about 8,000 tonnes.

The whole burden of responsibility for compliance with the schedule and quality of work was laid on Trest SZEM  CJSC. Sevzapenergomontazh North Installation Department LLC performed work at the site. In addition, brigade teams from other departments of Trest SZEM  CJSC, Sevzapenergomontazh Kaliningrad Installation Department CJSC (Kaliningrad), Komienergomontazh CJSC (Syktyvkar), Sevzapenergomontazh Arkhangelsk Installation Department CJSC (Arkhangelsk), Sevzapenergomontazh Leningrad Construction and Installation Department CJSC and Sevzapenergomontazh Petersburg General Contracting Department CJSC (St. Petersburg) took part in the installation work at the plant.

The total number of experts of Trest SZEM  CJSC involved in the installation work reached up to 480 people; about 200 experts provided start-up operations. Sevzapenergomontazh Leningrad Construction and Installation Department performed installation of steam turbine plant and equipment of the circulating pumping station. Experts of Sevzapenergomontazh Arkhangelsk Installation Department installed more than 400 tonnes of pipelines. Installers of Sevzapenergomontazh Kaliningrad Installation Department performed important work on the installation of exhaust pipeline and piping of steam generators. Sevzapenergomontazh North Installation Department installed waste-heat boilers, water-heating boilers, gas turbines, bridge cranes, tanks and other thermal and mechanical equipment and pipelines with a total weight of more than 6,000 tonnes.

Competent coordination of the activities of contractors by Trest SZEM CJSC and Sevzapenergomontazh North Installation Department, high qualifications of the involved specialists, and many years of experience in other energy facilities made it possible to successfully complete the installation work and first of all prepare plants for commissioning by mid-2011.

Construction of the second stage of the PGU-300 power unit

In 2013-2014 Trest Sevzapenergomontazh CJSC has signed two contracts for construction and installation work as part of the second stage construction of Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP. The following types of work were performed:

  • Construction and installation work on the arrangement of stairs in the А-B/43-44 axles; arrangement of columns of frame; arrangement of strip foundations for internal partitions, foundations for transformers and walkways, floors, including closed controlled contours and elevator shafts in the Electrotechnical Department (ETD) of the Main Building of the Third Step (Start-up Complex) of the II stage of Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP under a contract with EMK-Engineering Company OJSC (signed on 30.08.2013)    
  • Installation of SST-600 steam turbine plant manufactured by Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery s.r.o. (Czech Republic) under a contract with Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP OJSC (signed on 17.04.2014)