CustomerObject locationStart/End of Work
Mosenergo JSC Moskow2013

Trest SZEM  CJSC, under the contract concluded with Mosenergo JSC on March 27, 2013, carried out works on technical re-equipment and reconstruction of CHPP-9 (Moscow) including the replacement of the existing GTE-65 gas turbine power unit manufactured by ANSALDO with a capacity of 65 MW.

In general, this project provided for the installation of a gas turbine power unit with removal of heat of the GTU exhaust gases in a waste-heat boiler (WHB), with a further discharge of steam to the station-wide steam collector. The combined cycle module is integrated into the cycle arrangement of the plant according to the parallel circuit of the build-up. The gas turbine build-up is operated in parallel mode with existing boilers. The steam is supplied through both pipelines to the main steam line, where it is mixed with steam from power boilers. 

The entire scope of work on the installation of thermal and mechanical equipment at this site was carried out by enterprises that are part of Trest SZEM CJSC: Komienergomontazh CJSC and Sevzapenergomontazh Leningrad Construction and Installation Department CJSC. Other works were performed by our partners: ECM-Petersburg and Interavtomatika CJSC (installation of electrical and technical equipment and Automated Process Control Systems), Germes CC CJSC (general construction works), STALT Group of Companies (installation of security systems and fire protection). In general, the whole set of works, which, under the contract, was fully included in the responsibility area of Trest Sevzapenergomontazh CJSC, was carried out under the direction of Yu.V. Khripunov, the Deputy Head of the Moskovsky Uchastok, Separate Installation Unit.

As part of the contract, the following was performed at the facility:

  • construction works (installation of the upper structure of the GTU foundation; reconstruction of the ground slab, foundations for auxiliary equipment and subflooring in the GTU cells, etc.);
  • installation of the 60-ton AE64.3A gas turbine manufactured by ANSALDO with the 25-ton exhaust diffuser and a 54-ton casing;
  • installation of the WY18Z-066 generator weighing 130 tonnes;
  • installation of a 20-ton gearbox with a shaft turning gear;
  • installation of auxiliary equipment (plant pipelines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, air ducts, metal structures of service platforms, etc.);
  • installation of Automatic Process Control System, electrical and technical equipment (0.4 kV service switchgear supplied by Ansaldo, 6/0.4 kV transformers, etc.), automatic fire extinguishing systems;
  • start-up of electric power and thermal and mechanical equipment.

The complexity of the implemented project was the fact that it was necessary to connect and launch new modern equipment with the existing (old) in a very short time. The start of work on the arrangement of the base plate began in April, and the installation of equipment began in June. The plant did not have the necessary lifting mechanisms in the Main Building where the GTU located, therefore installation was carried out by portals, which significantly increased the installation time. Despite the difficulties, the installation of the main equipment was completed in August, and the first adjustment operation, oil system pumping, began in September. According to the Italian specialists from ANSALDO, no one ever installed this type of machine at such a time limits.

The functions of the head adjustment organization, when carrying out commissioning works at this site, were performed by Sevzapenergomontazh Commissioning Department CJSC, which, under the guidance of I.A. Agapitov, the Head of Commissioning Work, completed all commissioning works and process flow tests on the gas turbine unit and the waste-heat boiler. Comprehensive tests of the gas turbine unit with connection to the heat and power networks of CHPP-9 in Moscow, together with the waste-heat boiler, were started on February 21, 2014 and successfully completed on February 24.

Reference: Mosenergo CHPP-9 is located on the left bank of the Moscow River near the Avtozavodskaya metro station. The plant provides electrical and thermal energy to AMO ZIL, the Moscow Metro, as well as the population and enterprises of the Kozhukhovsky, Nagatinsky and Avtozavodsky districts of Moscow. The implementation of the project for the technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the power plant using the combined cycle made it possible to more reliably provide consumers with energy, to achieve substantial gas savings, and to reduce harmful emissions to the atmosphere.