CustomerObject locationStart/End of Work
Energoinzhiniring, JSCNovokuznetsk2011/2015

Since 2011, the construction of Novokuznetskaya GTPP, consisting of two gas-turbine power units No. 14 and No. 15 with a total capacity of 298 MW (2х149 MW), was carried out by Siberian Generating Company (SGC) LLC during the implementation of its own investment program for the modernization and construction of existing new generating capacities in the framework of the Power Supply Agreement. KuzbassEnergo JSC (joined SGC in 2009) was the customer for the project, and Sibirenergoengineering OJSC was the general construction contractor.  It was put into operation on September 17, 2014.

Novokuznetskaya GTPP operates in the constant readiness mode of gas turbine units to cover peak loads in the Kuzbass power system. The design time of the GTPP operation is up to 2000 hours per year, while the start-up time of the GTU from a cold state to a maximum 149 MW load shall be no more than 18 minutes.

The commissioning of Novokuznetskaya GTPP eliminated the energy deficit in the Southern Energy District of the Kemerovo Region, where many metallurgical, mining and other industrial enterprises are located, and it also prevented the emergence of the energy deficit in the Kuzbass as a whole, increased the generation and efficiency of the generating company, replacing the outgoing power.

Trest SZEM CJSC, under a contract with Sibirenergoengineering OJSC concluded on 01.08.2011, performed the whole set of general construction and thermal and installation work on the construction of Novokuznetskaya GTPP. Completed general construction works (Kontur Construction Company LLC was the main contractor):

  • main building,
  • administrative and service building (ASB),
  • joint auxiliary building (JAB),
  • electrotechnical department
  • fire pump house (FPH)
  • service water supply and cooling systems,
  • engineering system: heating, sewage, firefighting water line, drinking water line, ventilation and air conditioning,
  • heat insulation of equipment and pipelines,
  • intrasite transportation facilities: highways, parkings for cars and trucks, checkpoints.

Completed heat and installation work was performed by Sevzapenergomontazh Leningrad Construction and Installation Department CJSC and SZEM Petersburg General Contracting Department CJSC:

  • in the main building, GTE-145 gas turbines with TZFG-160-2MU3 generators, auxiliary thermal and mechanical equipment,
  • complex auxiliary facilities and process communications: gaseous fuel-handling facilities, boosting compressor stations, gas conditioning stations, gas metering unit, mineral oil facilities, process and gas pipelines trestle,
  • installation of systems and equipment for auxiliary heating,
  • pipelines, vessels, metal structures,
  • lifting equipment.