Nazarovskaya State District Power Plant

Atomenergomash OJSC

Nazarovskaya State District Power Plant is a production branch of Yeniseiskaya TGC (Territorial Generating Company No.13) OJSC, one of the largest suppliers of electrical energy to the market. The installed electric capacity of the plant is 1210 MW. The installed thermal capacity is 870 Gcal/h. Equipment of Nazarovskaya State District Power Plant includes 6 power units with a capacity of 135 MW each and 1 power unit with a capacity of 400 MW, 12 boilers with a capacity of 250 t/h and 2 boilers with a capacity of 650 t/h each. The plant operates mainly in the condensation mode, generating mainly electricity, but it can also work in the heat-extraction mode. Brown coal of Nazarovsky open-pit mine, located in 5 km from the plant, is used as the main fuel.

Since April 1, 2011, Trest SZEM CJSC, under a contract with Atomenergomash OJSC, has been carrying out technical re-equipment of the P-49 st. No.7 boiler plant, of Nazarovskaya State District Power Plant (a branch of Yeniseiskaya TGC (Territorial Generating Company No.13) OJSC), based on low-temperature vortex solid fuel combustion technology.

For the implementation of the tasks, at Nazarovskaya State District Power Plant, a Separate Installation Unit of  Trest SZEM CJSC was created, with the help of which installation and dismantling works of the Building A of the boiler unit were performed on the site. The total scope of work included installation of 2,740 tonnes of equipment (dismantling of 2,740 tonnes) and installation of 332 tonnes of thermal insulation and bricking (dismantling of 620 tonnes).

In general, as part of these works the assembly-disassembly of the following items was performed: 

  • thermal insulation and brickwork;
  • metal structures and boiler carcass lining;
  • elements of furnace of the boiler plant, including the units of the lower, middle and upper nuclear island (LNI, MNI and UNI); the primary and secondary steam wing walls (PSWW and SSWW); supporting structures of the stiffness ring and connecting elements of the shield system;
  • devices of mechanized slag removal MSH-8, which consist of a screw conveyor with a crushing machine, slag tank and vane device;
  • water economizer coil pile;
  • coal-pulverizing systems including dust bunkers, dust feeders, dust pipes and pulverized coal burners;
  • mazut-handling equipment (pipelines with fittings, pilot burners);
  • air ducts and gas flues;
  • tubular air heater cubes with compensators and seals;
  • pipelines, metal structures, stairs and service platforms within the boiler.

Construction and installation works on the technical re-equipment of the P-49 st. No.7 boiler plant were completed in February 2012.

P-49 (Pp 1600/250 Zh) st. No.7 boiler unit with a total capacity of 1,630 tonnes of steam per hour, once-through, with liquid slag removal, with balanced draft, designed to work in a unit with a K-500-240 turbine. The boiler plant consists of two buildings with a three-way layout, operating independently of each other.

Work on the technical re-equipment of the boiler unit was carried out as part of the project to reconstruct power unit No. 7, aimed at increasing the installed capacity and ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the equipment. As a result of the implementation of measures for the reconstruction, the installed capacity of power unit No. 7 increased by 15 MW and reached 415 MW, the duration of the slagless operation and steam generating capacity of the boiler unit increased, the possibility of long-term operation without damage and forced shutdowns was ensured, the cost of equipment repair decreased, harmful emissions into the atmosphere decreased.