CustomerObject locationStart/End of Work
Mezhregion-Energostroy CJSC Sochi2010/2012

Adler TPP is one of the most important infrastructure objects of the 2014 Winter Sochi Olympics. TPP provides sports facilities, residential complexes of the Olympic Village, as well as houses of local residents in the surrounding areas with heat and electricity.

Adler TPP was created on the basis of two combined cycle power units with a total capacity of 360 MW (thermal capacity is 227 Gcal/h). The main equipment of the power units includes two T-48/62-7.4/0.12 steam turbines with a capacity of 60 MW each manufactured by OJSC "Power machines", four V64.3A gas turbines supplied by Ansaldo Energia of 65 MW each, and waste-heat boilers manufactured by Podolsk Machine-Building Plant OJSC.

On November 7, 2012, a complex testing of the plant equipment was successfully completed at Adler TPP; the testing showed the reliability of plant operation and the TPP readiness to issue a nominal electric capacity of 360 MW. During complex testing, all plant systems operated continuously for 72 hours with the planned load. On January 21, 2013 the TPP was brought to full design capacity.

Mezhregion-Energostroy CJSC was the customer for the construction of the site. The project investor is Russian Energy Projects LLC, whose shareholder is Gazprom JSC. TEK Mosenergo JSC was the General Contractor for the construction of the Adlerskaya TPP.

On 8 July 2010, Trest SZEM CJSC signed a contract with TEK Mosenergo JSC for the full set of installation of thermal and mechanical equipment and engineering systems of 2 combined cycle power units of Adler TPP with a capacity of 180 MW each. The set of thermal and installation works was performed: installation of steam and gas turbines, waste-heat boilers, equipment, pipelines and metal structures of mineral oil facilities, gas and diesel fuel-handling facilities, station-wide compressor facility, dry cooling towers, water treatment plant, tank farm, firefighting pump station, diesel-generator compartment. And also commissioning works for equipment of the listed facilities were carried out. In order to fulfill contractual obligations, a separate installation department of Trest SZEM CJSC operated at Adler TPP.