Welding QMS Certification Audit Successfully Completed

Trest SZEM, CJSC has been successfully audited by the German accredited certification body DVS ZERT e. V. and certified to ISO 3834-2:2005.

QMS (quality management system) for fusion welding of metal materials applies to all manufactured structures, establishing requirements to the quality of welding performance in workshops and open-air areas. It is intended to describe the possibilities of producing structures, capable to satisfy the statutory requirements, and serves as a basis for estimation of managerial and engineering level of welding production.
QMS for fusion welding of metal materials applies to the following products, works, and services as per the requirements of ISO 3834-2:2005:
- installation and repair of primary and auxiliary equipment, pipelines, metal structures, cranes, pressure vessels, tanks of various volume for different purposes within the scope of energy facilities and other industries;
- manufacture of pipelines, non-standard equipment, tanks, metal structures, intended for installation and repair works.
The certificate is valid from April 19, 2019 till April 18, 2022.