The first start-up of a steam power boiler at Novolipetsk Steel Mill disposal CHPP

The first ignition of the natural gas steam power boiler E-220-9.8-540 GD was successfully conducted at the disposal CHPP of Novolipetsk Steel Mill. At the moment, scheduled commissioning operations are being carried out to check the functioning of the unit's systems, to dry the lining of burner units, to check the support of the Automated Process Control System, protection and interlocks in accordance with the approved operation program.
Since the beginning of the power unit construction, a significant complex of installation works has been performed, including: installation of the boiler (1073 tonnes), installation of HP pipelines (173 tonnes) and LP pipelines (437 tonnes), installation of auxiliary boiler and turbine equipment (265 tonnes), installation of a steam turbine and compressor (230 tonnes), installation of auxiliary equipment for the smoke exhaust compartment (49 tonnes).
The main target for the near future is to start the integrated testing of the disposal CHPP's fourth power unit equipment. Up to this point, it is necessary to purge the main steam lines with steam, to start the feedwater and deaeration plant, and to start the steam turbine and turbo-compressor.
Commissioning of the fourth power unit of disposal CHPP will create conditions for reducing the cost of metallurgical products of Novolipetsk Steel Mill and will allow utilizing additional volume of blast furnace gas. In this case, a more reliable pressure air supply system for the mill's blast-furnace process will be established.