The first stage of the welders training programme is completed

The first stage of the welders advanced training programme ended at the production site in Syktyvkar. The course was organized by the Central Welding and Metal Testing Laboratory of Trest SZEM CJSC. Employees of affiliated subsidiaries responsible for assembling and accepting joints for welding underwent a training course called "Visual and Measuring Inspection. Acceptance of Joints for Welding". The result of the training was check testing, as a result of which employees who successfully passed the exams were put on a list of the Key Specialists Fund of the Company.
But the training of welders fromTrest SZEM  CJSC Affiliated Subsidiaries is far from over. The entire course of specialized programmes is compiled for a year and includes development of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in welding. This will significantly improve the professional level of specialists, which, in turn, will have a positive impact on the production of welding at the company's facilities.