Engineering Practice Workshop

Ascon company, developer of the software product COMPAS-3D, held professional user workshop in St. Petersburg. The Workshop Topic: "Engineering Practice: Equipment". Ildar Fanisovich Nasibullin, Head of Project and Design Department of the Trest SZEM CJSC, shared his experience of software utilization.


Using example of the new bark boiler and steam turbine construction in premises of the main building of the Central Heating and Power Plant of the Mondi SLPK JSC, he presented actual options and advantages of Metallokonstruktsiya 3D application utilization. Namely, based on the drafts of the design institutions, DD of Trest SZEM CJSC designs real models of construction grounds, buildings, support structures, and etc. In other words, it creates layout schematic, and installation technologies of the main and supporting power equipment are developed within its framework.

Employees of our company were among the first to learn making Work Plans in 3D formate using COMPAS-3D software product. The first experience of such works were the Work Plans for installation of 2 water heating boilers KV-GM-70-150 and 2 WHB PK-55 as part of PGU-200T unit in the main body of the Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP in St. Petersburg in 2008.

The developer of COMPAS 3D, Ascon Company, holds annual competition of AceS of COMPuter 3D-projecting. "Unit PGU-450 of CHPP-5 Lenenergo" Project developed by the DD staff received People's Choice Award of the professional CAE system community on 2014 competition, and took the first prize in Indistrial and Civil Construction nomination. In the following years the DD projects were several times awarded and became winners of the AceS of COMPuter 3D-projecting competitions.