75 Years in the Mainstream of the Power Industry!

Development of the power industry as of the industry defining economic progress of the country in whole cannot be imagined without the great role that Trest Sevzapenergomontazh CJSC has been playing in this process for so many years. This year the company celebrates its 75 years anniversary.

 Modern power industry is the strongest driving force of the progress in science and technology. Heating and electricity are the most important and unchangeable components of comfortable life for everyone. That is why all activity of the Trest Sevzapenergomontazh CJSC is aimed to supply enterprises of our country and its nation with electric power and heat matching the highest standards of safety and quality.

 State Union Installation Trest Lenpromenergomontazh was founded by the Resolution of the Executive Board of the Leningrad City Council of Deputies of Labour on May 8, 1944, in accordance with the Decree No 5637 of the State Committee of Defence (GKO) of April 16, 1944, and with the Order No. 91 of USSR People's Commissariat of Power Plants of April 28, 1944.

 The first and the most difficult task set before the Trest became restoration of the power sector demolished during years of the Great Patriotic War in the North-West of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic (RSFSR) and of Leningrad freed from siege. Reconstruction of the power supply to industrial enterprises and of city thermal power stations allowed the city on Neva River to reborn and to regain the status of the one of the largest industrial and scientific centers of our country.

 All this years the Trest preserved continuous developments and innovations, retaining planned improvement of its positions on industrial market of the country in whole, expanding geography of its works, and capacity of the implemented projects. With its attitude towards the set goals Trest Sevzapenergomontazh CJSC since long established a reputation of time-proved partner allowing it to receive orders on the most complex objects.

With adoption, development, and implementation of the modern technologies Trest SZEM always keeps up with the times. During the period of the main power sector development, in 1960-1980, the company became a leading mounting organization of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR with successfully developing branches in the North-West of the country. Even the following years Trest has fulfilled the projects across the country with corresponding quality and in time, enabling necessary power supply base for the enterprises and people.

 Power supply got enhanced, oil and nuclear sectors were forming its base, but Trest Sevzapenergomontazh had always matched requirements of the time, moving forward to the leading edges and modern level of work on all objects.

Trends related to implementation of the innovative technologies are developing in all representative offices and subsidiaries of the Trest. This helps to significantly improve quality and safety of the capacities entered to operation, and respectively to facilitate economic growth of Russia, and improve the quality of life of our citizens.

Our partners that include both state bodies and private entities are perfectly aware that Trest SZEM is ready to meet any challenges related to timeliness and projects of any level of complicity. This is an expected result not only of constant improvement in technological sense, but of the employee management policy as well.

 The management of the Trest SZEM has clear understanding that the people acknowledging their responsibility for results of the work remain the main potential in any business and in any sphere of economy. Therefore the company gives exceptional consideration to implementation of the latest managing concepts and procedures for its activity.

All today's achievements became possible only because throughout this 75-years expertize and high qualification of the specialists of Trest's divisions, legacy of generations, and exceptional intellectual potential of the staff remained priorities of the Trest. All its employees contribute to successful development of the company starting from its management to the ordinary labors on each of the projects.

Diversified activity, application of the latest technologies, and opportunities provided by complex approach to the set goals, enable subsidiaries of the Trest to perform any works starting from front end engineering works and surveillance over construction, and up to installation and construction, and pre-commissioning activities on the customer's objects.

Trest Sevzapenergomontazh CJSC is one of the leading companies of the power sector of the country, successfully performing full cycle of works on implementation of projects on the enterprises of the heat, power supply, fuel, oil, processing, and of other sectors of industry of the Russian economy.