• 1944

    By the resolution of the State Defense Committee and by the order of the USSR Commissariat of Power Plants, the Lenpromenergomontazh Installation Trest was established to restore the power facilities of Leningrad city and Northwest of the RSFSR

  • 1958

    The Trest was renamed into the State All-Union Installation Trest Sevzapenergomontazh

  • 1960-1970

    Trest SZEM became the leading installation organization of the system of the USSR Ministry of Energy and Electrification; it forms a welding laboratory, commissioning department, and large installation units in Leningrad, other cities, regions, and autonomous entities of the Soviet Northwest

  • 1970-1980

    The Trest performed the full range of heat and installation works for the reactor compartment, the turbine hall, and other process facilities at the construction of Kola and Kalinin NPPs

  • 1990's

    Privatization of Trest Sevzapenergomontazh and affiliated installation department

  • 2000's

    The enterprises of the Trest were pioneers in the installation of equipment for combined cycle power plants in Russia

  • 2002-2008

    Increase in demand for the services of the Trest SZEM  in the context of the restructuring of RAO UES of Russia including the construction of new generating capacities based on modern technologies

  • 2009-2016

    Strategic expansion of competences in the complex construction of power facilities (general contract)

  • 2011

    Joining the trust of Kontur Construction Company specializing in civil works in the construction of power facilities

  • 2014

    Sevzapvnipienergoprom LLC, which performs a comprehensive design of heat and power generation sources, joined the Trest Sevzapenergomontazh

  • 2018

    Sevzapenergoprom Electrical Installation Department LLC, Kemon-Engineering LLC, KEM LLC joined the Trest Sevzapenergomontazh