Sevzapvnipienergoprom LLC

Since 2014, Sevzapvnipienergoprom LLC Institute has been a member of Trest SZEM  CJSC. It is the largest in the North-West and one of the leading design institutes in Russia that carry out complex design of heat and power generation sources: from survey works and customer assistance in the selection of equipment to designer supervision over the construction of power facilities.

Over its 70 years of activity, the Company has made a huge contribution to the construction, reconstruction and modernization of power units and power facilities at several hundred Thermal Power Plants and boiler houses: electric power, heat power and many other industries (heavy engineering, coal industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, mining industry, forestry and pulp and paper industry, food industry and others).

Sevzapvnipienergoprom LLC is engaged in development of coal-fired power units of Thermal Power Plants burning solid fuel in a circulating fluidized bed and having supercritical steam parameters at the boiler outlet; it conducts research in improving cycle arrangement and gas supply arrangement of Thermal Power Plants and boiler houses. The Institute has experience in designing gas turbine toppings for existing steam turbines of power units of Thermal Power Plants and in developing integrated solutions for Gas Turbine Power Plants using only domestic equipment. In addition, the staff of the Institute developed and patented various technical solutions that have found practical application in the implemented projects.

Currently, the Institute employs more than 200 experienced qualified engineers, including those having advanced degrees.

To successfully solve the tasks of designing power facilities, the Institute introduced a project management system based on Primavera and a project documentation management system based on TDMS, the experts widely use automated calculation software (thermo-technical, hydraulic, strength calculations, etc.), as well as three-dimensional design techniques.

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