Sevzapenergoprom Electrical Installation Department LLC

Sevzapenergoprom Electrical Installation Department LLC is a member of Trest  SZEM  CJSC since 2017 and specializes in electrical installation and commissioning works at power facilities (generation, grid companies), as well as at industrial facilities.     

Electrical installation works: 

  •      Installation of electrical and technical equipment:  110-330 kV SF6 insulated switchgear; high-voltage (oil, SF6, vacuum) circuit breakers; equipment of outdoor switchgear, switchgear and control gear, distribution points, modular integrated transformer substations (measuring transformers, excess-voltage suppressors, surge arresters, reactors, disconnecting devices); 110 kV power transformers; cleaning, degassing and testing of transformer oil; conductors (open, shielded, with cast insulation); flexible and rigid bus systems.
  • Installation of devices and complexes of relay protection and emergency control equipment (RP and ECE).
  • Installation of 0.4-330 kV cable lines
  • Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting and welding network.
  • Installation of grounding and lightning protection systems.
  • Installation of weak current circuits and equipment (computer networks, fire systems, communication and video surveillance systems, alarms and alerts, fiber-optic communication lines). 
  • Installation of automation systems (low-level software and hardware complex equipment and instrumentation).

    Commissioning works: 

  •   Adjusting, testing and measuring electrical equipment of 0.4-110 kV voltage classes (power transformers, current and voltage transformers, disconnecting devices, high-voltage circuit breakers, switchgear).
  • Adjusting systems of relay protection and emergency control equipment (RP and ECE).
  • Adjusting excitation systems for generators and hydrogenerators.
  • Adjusting high-frequency (HF) equipment.
  • Adjusting systems of direct and alternating current, forming of batteries.
  • Adjusting equipment and instrumentation channels.
  • Adjusting telemechanics and communication systems (TMaCS), Automated Information and Measuring System of Commercial Energy Metering.
  • Adjusting ventilation and air conditioning systems including issuance of data sheets for the system.
  • Testing and measuring 0.4-330 kV cable lines.