Kemon-Engineering LLC has been a member of Trest SZEM CJSC since 2014 and is a specialized installation organization that performs construction and installation works at Thermal Power Plants and industrial energy facilities in the Komi Republic and other regions of the Russian Federation. The production base of Kemon-Engineering LLC is located in the Komi Republic, Syktyvkar and covers an area of 8 hectares. In this area there is an installation and assembly concrete site with entrances for rail and road transport, garages, warehouses, workshops, auxiliary equipment manufacturing shop, and other production units.
The installation department of Kemon-Engineering LLC performs the following:
• installation of equipment and pipelines for pulp and paper, chemical, oil refining and other industries
• installation and repair of equipment, pipelines of thermal and nuclear power plants
• laying of external and internal engineering networks and communications
• manufacture and installation of boiler accessories and non-standard equipment, construction and process metal structures
• installation and repair of lifting mechanisms
• installation of surface and subsurface gas pipelines
• welded joints heat treatment
• participating in commissioning works
The electrical department of Kemon-Engineering LLC performs the following:
• designing power supply of up to 35 kV
• installation of 0.4-10 kV busbars and shielded conductors
• installation of 0.4-10 kV cable lines
• installation of 0.4-10 kV overhead lines
• electrical installation works, installation of instrumentation and control
• installation of electrical equipment for lifting mechanisms
• installation of power networks, lighting networks in buildings
• installation of high-voltage equipment
• rendering commissioning works
Electrotechnical laboratory of Kemon-Engineering LLC provides:
• checking the presence of a circuit and measuring the transient resistances between ground plates and grounding conductors, grounded equipment (components) and grounding conductors
• checking and measuring the resistance of grounding devices of all types (measuring the soil resistivity, measuring the dissipation resistance, checking the condition of elements)
• measuring the insulation resistance of cables and windings of electric motors, devices, secondary circuits, electrical wiring and electrical equipment of up to 10 kV
• measuring the impedance of the "phase-zero" loop, check of the protection operation providing automatic power shutdown
• measuring the transient resistance of contacts and resistance of windings of electrical machines and transformers
• measuring the DC resistance of windings of power transformers and oil circuit breakers
• high voltage testing of cable lines and electrical equipment of up to 10 kV
• testing and measuring the characteristics of voltage transformers and current transformers
• checking the lightning protection systems
• checking the residual current devices and differential breakers
• checking and testing the insulators
• testing the capacitors
• testing the surge arresters and excess-voltage suppressors
• testing the vacuum circuit breakers
• testing the protective means
• checking the emergency lighting layouts