Supply of Equipment and Materials

Having an extensive well-established base of equipment and building material suppliers, as well as established relations directly with the manufacturers, Trest SZEM  CJSC offers:

  •  Provision of items using the equipment of leading foreign manufacturers: Siemens, ABB, LOOS International, Turbomach, Finreila, Omnical, Jurby Watertech, Therma, Grundfos, Naval, Gestra, Sento Oy Hogfors, Alfa Laval, Konecranes, Pruftechnic, Baltur, Biasi, Cib Unigas, Saacke, Viessmann, Weishaupt, Wester Line, Schiebe, etc.
  • Completion options for power equipment of Russian manufacturers (OJSC "Power machines", Sibenergomash (Barnaul Boiler Plant), Belenergomash (Belgorod Boiler Plant), Taganrog Boiler-Making Works, Kostroma Calorific Plant, Podolsk Machine-Building Plant, Privod Company, and KVOiT, Vympel, Vikom, and Progress plants and others.
  • Production of part of the main and auxiliary boiler equipment, pipelines and building structures at the production bases of enterprises that are part of Trest SZEM  CJSC.

At the production bases of enterprises that are part of Trest SZEM  CJSC, we manufacture:

  • elements of the main power equipment;
  • elements of auxiliary and non-standard equipment (deaerators, in-line heat exchangers, tanks and vessels for hot water supply and oil products, other containers, gas ducts, chimneys, process and supporting metal structures, stairs, service platforms, etc.);
  • pipeline elements (fixed low-pressure pipelines; process pipelines; oil pipelines within turbines; pipeline assemblies; dust, gas, air ducts; outlets; bends; tees; transitions and blocks of steam and hot water pipelines);
  • building structures (frameworks of industrial and warehouse buildings, overpasses, frameworks of tunnels, power transmission line supports, towers and masts).