Electrical Installation Works

Types of electrical installation works:
• Installation of power equipment
• Installation of indoor and outdoor lighting, welding network (including installation of equipment, installation of routes and cable communications)
• Installation of grounding and lightning protection systems
• Installation of weak current circuits and equipment (computer networks, fire systems, communication and video surveillance systems, alarms and alerts, fiber-optic communication lines)
• Installation of automation systems (low-level software and hardware complex equipment and instrumentation)
Commissioning works:
• Adjustment, testing and measurement of electrical equipment (power transformers, current and voltage transformers, disconnecting devices, switchgears)
• Adjustment of relay protection and automation systems
• Commissioning of excitation systems for generators and hydrogenerators
• Adjustment of high-frequency (HF) equipment
• Commissioning of systems of direct and alternating current, forming of batteries
• Adjustment of equipment and instrumentation channels
• Adjustment of telemechanic systems (TM) and Automated Information and Measuring System of Commercial Energy Metering.
• Adjustment of ventilation and air conditioning systems including issuance of data sheets for the system
• Testing and measurement of 0.4-330 kV voltage class cable lines