Welding and Metal Testing Laboratory

High-tech welding operations, destructive and non-destructive testing of metal and welded joints, and development of welding technology are carried out by the Central Welding and Metal Testing Laboratory (CLSIM), a part of Trest SZEM  CJSC.   

Core areas of activity:

Non-destructive and destructive testing:

  • ultrasonic testing
  • radiographic testing
  • magnetic testing
  • liquid penetrant testing
  • leakage monitoring
  • spectral analysis (metallographic arc spectroscope)
  • visual and dimensional inspection
  • measurement of hardness
  • mechanical testing
  • metallographic study
  • intercrystalline corrosion testing
  • acoustic monitoring

Development and production certification of welding technologies

  • personnel certification: welders and welding control specialists; non-destructive testing specialists; destructive control specialists for the right to conduct mechanical testing, measurement of hardness and metallographic study; for the right to manage non-destructive and destructive testing; training and certification of heat treaters-operators.
  • technical supervision of welding operations
  • high-tech welding operations and heat treatment