Types of work:

  • construction management with a stage-by-stage technical and process control over the work processes and their quality;
  • preparatory works – geodetic survey; dismantling old structures/buildings; laying/re-laying utilities, temporary transport routes, sites, structures;
  • zero cycle construction operations – earthworks and piling works, arranging foundation frames, etc.;
  • construction of the load-bearing part – concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic foundations, other underground and surface structures (beams, collar beams, roof trusses, columns, walls and partitions); installation of metal elements of buildings and structures;
  • general construction works, including finishing, on the construction of buildings – main/auxiliary production buildings, administrative and domestic buildings including arrangement of roofs, fronts, wall fences, elevator shafts;
  • laying life support networks – plumbing, sewage, heating and ventilation systems;
  • providing heat, hydro and fire protection of erected building structures;
  • improving the territory of energy facilities, including landscaping.