Integrated implementation of energy and industrial construction projects
Design, construction, reconstruction, modernization of heat and power generation facilities
General contract in the construction of power facilities
Production and installation of power equipment
Training and certification of technical staff

TREST SEVZAPENERGOMONTAZH CJSC provides comprehensive implementation of industrial and energy construction projects: a full cycle of works, including design, construction, electrical installation and commissioning.

The priority of professionalism and continuity of generations, high intellectual potential and many years of experience in power engineering, allow Trest SZEM CJSC to guarantee the implementation of all the work at a modern level and within a specified period.

Map of the largest objects

Map of the largest objects

  1. Kirishi
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Perm
  4. Salavat
  5. Lipetsk
  6. Sochi
  7. Tikhvin
  8. Moscow
  9. Novokuznetsk
  10. Novovoronezh
  11. Tutaev
  12. Syktyvkar
  13. Krasnoyarsk
  14. Kaliningrad
  15. Vladimir
  16. Yarega
  17. Usinsk
  18. Nazarovo
  19. Yaroslavl
  20. Murmansk
  21. Udomlya
  22. Petrozavodsk
  23. Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan)
  24. Bushehr (Iran)
  25. Riga (Latvia)
  26. Daugavpils (Latvia)
  27. Klaipeda (Lithuania)
  28. Vilnius (Lithuania)


Pulp and paper
Oil and gas

Steam-Powered Blast-Furnace Blast Compressor Installation of the Disposal CHPP of Novolipetsk Steel Mill

Reconstruction of Disposal Combined Heat and Power Plant with a turbo-blower plant


Novo-Salavatskaya CHPP

Construction works, heat installation works, electrical installation work, installation of Automatic Process Control System and instrumentation, commissioning.


Briquetting Factory

Construction of a briquetting factory with a capacity of 700 thousand tonnes of metallurgical briquettes per year.


Pravoberezhnaya CHPP

Construction of a new power unit No. 2 of Pravoberezhnaya CHPP-5 (PGU-450)


Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC

Construction of a Bark Boiler with a Steam Turbine of Mondi Syktyvkar Timber Processing Complex JSC


Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill

Construction of a boiler house (MTK) with fuel preparation and supply facilities in the project for Modernization of Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill JSC


Yugo-Zapadnaya CHPP

Construction of power units


Tutayevskaya Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant

A set of works on installation of the main and auxiliary thermal and mechanical equipment of Combined-Cycle Thermal Power Plant


110 MW Gas Reciprocating Cogeneration Plant in Tikhvin

Construction of Gas Reciprocating Power Plant


Adler TPP

Full set of works on installation of thermal and mechanical equipment and engineering systems of 2 combined cycle power units of Adler TPP


Novokuznetskaya GTPP

The entire set of general construction and heat installation work


Usa Energy Park

Usa Energy Park I stage construction works


CHPP-9 of Moscow

Works on technical re-equipment and reconstruction of CHPP-9


Yarega Energy Park


CHPP-12 of Moscow

Design and survey and construction and installation work for implementing the project of building a new combined cycle power unit


CHPP-16 of Moscow

Construction of PGU-420T power unit No. 8 with an electric capacity of 424.4 MW


CHPP-20 of Moscow

Construction of PGU-420T power unit at CHPP-20 of Mosenergo OJSC


Pervomayskaya CHPP

Installation of a steam turbine with a generator and two gas turbine units


Nazarovskaya State District Power Plant

Works on technical re-equipment of P-49 boiler plant


Novovoronezh NPP-2

Строительно-монтажные работы на энергоблоках №1 и №2


TREST SZEM CJSC in figures


years of experience in the construction of energy and industrial facilities


equipped with technological equipment production bases


highly qualified specialists certified to perform special works

Trest SZEM CJSC strives to become a leader in ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for customers, to become a benchmark of multi-functionality and professionalism in the industry, thus bringing a significant contribution to the growth of the Russian economy. 




The first stage of the welders training programme is completed
The first stage of the welders advanced training programme ended at the production site in Syktyvkar. The course was organized by the Central Welding and Metal Testing Laboratory of Trest SZEM  CJSC.


Introduction of the new WeldEye Welding Production Management System
In order to improve the welding control process, Trest SZEM CJSC purchased the first trial module of the WeldEye system from Kemppi. This system is a combination of software, hardware, and cloud technologies. 


The first start-up of a steam power boiler at Novolipetsk Steel Mill disposal CHPP
The first ignition of the natural gas steam power boiler E-220-9.8-540 GD was successfully conducted at the disposal CHPP of Novolipetsk Steel Mill. At the moment, scheduled commissioning operations are being carried out to check the functioning of the unit's systems, to dry the lining of burner units, to check the support of the Automated Process Control System, protection and interlocks in accordance with the approved operation program.